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Image - Pinpoint the Leading Cause of Industrial Ethernet FailuresPinpoint the Leading Cause of Industrial Ethernet Failures

Fluke Networks introduces the LinkIQ-IE Cable+Network Industrial Ethernet Tester designed to troubleshoot network cabling, the leading cause of Industrial Ethernet failures. With Ethernet-based technologies increasingly the default for automation networks, the need for easy-to-use tools to troubleshoot these networks is growing rapidly. By combining Fluke Networks' state-of-the-art cable measurement technology and basic tests for Industrial Ethernet switches, LinkIQ-IE speeds and simplifies the discovery of network failures in a simple-to-use touchscreen interface akin to a smartphone.

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Image - Digital Signatures Help VOIP Service Providers Comply with Robocall Mitigation RequirementsDigital Signatures Help VOIP Service Providers Comply with Robocall Mitigation Requirements

Telinta, a leader in hosted switching and billing for VoIP service providers, and TransNexus, a leader in developing innovative software for telecommunications networks, have introduced a solution to help VoIP service providers comply with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication and robocall mitigation regulations. It will help customers avoid having their traffic blocked.

TransNexus offers services for Telinta customers based both inside and outside the U.S. When a U.S.-based Telinta customer signs up with TransNexus, Telinta will send a request to TransNexus to create a digital signature and Telinta will include that signature on subsequent calls as they are routed through Telinta's platform.

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Image - 5G Fixed Wireless Market: Battleground for Cable vs. Mobile5G Fixed Wireless Market: Battleground for Cable vs. Mobile

Mobile Experts has released an Expert INSIGHT that will be key for market players interested in the expansion of 5G into fixed broadband.

The report highlights U.S. mobile operators stated plans and goals. It examines 5G fixed wireless access capabilities and the chance of competing against today's cable DOCSIS broadband technology. The report projects where and when they may expand their fixed wireless subscribers, and how the competitive dynamic will play out in the context of a possible $100 billion broadband investment as part of the $2 trillion infrastructure plan being discussed in the halls of the U.S. government.

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Image - Intelligent Speaker Provides Advanced Audio, Innovative Communication for Up to 10 Person Meeting RoomsIntelligent Speaker Provides Advanced Audio, Innovative Communication for Up to 10 Person Meeting Rooms

EPOS has launched EXPAND Capture 5 -- a new Intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms that will enable professionals to meet the reality of the hybrid workplace and unite colleagues efficiently by taking virtual meetings to the next level.

The EXPAND Capture 5 levels the playing field and empowers professionals whether they're working remote or from the office. Now, meeting participants joining from an onsite meeting room can have a high-quality speaker that automates live transcriptions, allowing remote participants to follow what is being said and by whom -- for optimal collaboration and communication.

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Image - Sentry Electric Expands Customized Fiber Optic Installations to Telecom MarketSentry Electric Expands Customized Fiber Optic Installations to Telecom Market

Sentry Electrical Group, Inc. now offers fiber optic installations to customers outside of the energy market. The organization's new Fiber Optic division expands Sentry's trusted fiber optic services to telecommunications companies throughout the United States and into Canada.

Sentry's new Fiber Optic division will continue to serve utilities in the renewable energy market by expanding and maintaining wind and solar energy infrastructure, as well as work closely with telecommunications companies to fulfill their broadband needs, including fiber to the home (FTTH).

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Image - New Rubber Duck and Omni Antennas Ideal for 5GNew Rubber Duck and Omni Antennas Ideal for 5G

KP Performance Antennas has introduced a new line of Gigabit rubber duck and Omni antennas that are ideal for 5G public and private network users including industrial, enterprise, utilities and mil/aero.

KP's new line of sub-6 GHz RF antennas for 5G includes rubber duck and Omni options that cover 600 MHz up to 7.2 GHz frequency bands. These antennas are ideal for public or private 5G networks. They can be used for WiFi 5, WiFi 6 and WiFi 6e networks.

"This new line of Omni and rubber duck antennas for 5G meets the global demand for the latest telecommunications technologies including 5G in all sub-6 GHz bands, 600 MHz and even the expanded CBRS band," said Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager.

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Image - Combining Technical ICT Project Management with Professional Personnel ManagementCombining Technical ICT Project Management with Professional Personnel Management

The BICSI Registered Telecommunications Project Manager™ (RTPM®) Program teaches individuals the complexities of information and communications technology (ICT) needed to expertly plan, initiate, manage, and close ICT projects successfully, while effectively communicating between stakeholders. Check out the BICSI TPM Manual and series of PM courses to get started.

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Image - Hi-Def Hologram Technology May Render Video Conferencing Apps ObsoleteHi-Def Hologram Technology May Render Video Conferencing Apps Obsolete

We have all at one point been hunched over our desk, squinting into a grainy, web browser box at the individual we're video conferencing with and thought, "This can't possibly be the future of communication." Well, it isn’t.

ARHT Media has introduced HoloPresence -- a technology capable of capturing and projecting a speaker in lifelike, high-definition hologram form all over the world in real time with no noticeable latency. This lends to an ease of communication that, anyone who has cut off or been cut off in a stilted Zoom call can attest to, is simply not possible through video conferencing platforms.

With business travel always often cost-prohibitive and time consuming as well as potentially hazardous post-COVID, this technology has applications and far reaching implications across countless fields and industries.

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Image - E2 Optics Launches Second State-of-the-Art National BICSI Training FacilityE2 Optics Launches Second State-of-the-Art National BICSI Training Facility

E2 Optics has launched the 2nd of 3 wholly-owned BICSI Certified National Training Centers. The newest center, located in Columbus, Ohio, represents E2 Optics continuing investment in employee education and skills development.

"Having two ATF's fully functional will allow E2 to invest more in our team members. It's exciting to our employees and customers because, during this difficult time, we've doubled down on what matters for attracting and retaining the best people," states Casey Haarberg, Founder and EVP of Business Development at E2 Optics. "With our state-of-the-art BICSI training centers, attracting and recruiting motivated individuals with a wide range of talents and perspectives becomes easier because top talent wants to train in the best facilities."

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