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Image - Compact Modular Tri-Sector Platform Enables Simple, Scalable Build-out for 5G and BeyondCompact Modular Tri-Sector Platform Enables Simple, Scalable Build-out for 5G and Beyond

Alpha Wireless has introduced a Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform designed to revolutionize wireless network scalability for LTE, 5G and beyond. This new platform enables rapid site deployment and maintenance, as well as pay-as-you-grow field upgrades with a modular, future-ready antenna design.

The new antenna platform builds on the proven performance of Alpha Wireless tri-sector antennas, enhancing the unique shared site solution with total modularity for easy serviceability and rapid evolution to support new technologies.

"The race to 5G profitability is driving a need for faster scalability and network densification. Yet, at the same time, many cities and municipalities are requiring shared streetworks deployments to eliminate unsightly clutter," said Fergal Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Wireless. "Our next-generation, Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform offers a faster, more cost-effective approach to building, maintaining and upgrading street-level sites, providing a smooth path to future profitability with reduced risk."

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Image - New Bridge Device Helps Network Operators Monetize IoT Data Delivery and Streamline IoT DeploymentNew Bridge Device Helps Network Operators Monetize IoT Data Delivery and Streamline IoT Deployment

Tartabit LLC has released its latest product offering: IoT Bridge for Network Operators. The IoT Bridge for network operators provides the fast and easy implementation of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT device and data management services, bundled to enable rapid integration within the Network Operator (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) environments.

This new release introduces a set of offerings specifically designed to help network operators address the increasing demands and complexity of LPWA. IoT Bridge for Network Operators is a cloud gateway that enables data management by connecting to applications and hyperscaler services connectors. It also provides simplified Lightweight M2M (LWM2M)/Open Mobile Alliance-Compliant Device Management (OMA DM).

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Image - Futureproof Mobile Automation with Moxa Next-Generation Industrial Wi-Fi Access Points/ClientsFutureproof Mobile Automation with Moxa Next-Generation Industrial Wi-Fi Access Points/Clients

Moxa has introduced its AWK Series, a new lineup of next-generation industrial wireless networking solutions offering 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi, IEC 62443-4-2 SL2 certified* security, and dual-band Turbo Roaming™ for unmatched wireless reliability and availability.

When combined, these advanced features meet the current and future demands of applications where Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are at the heart of boosting productivity and operational safety, such as mobile automation and IP surveillance in mining, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation, among others. The Moxa AWK Series is made up of three models: the AWK-3252A, AWK-4252A, and AWK-1151C AP/bridge/client.

"We are seeing sophisticated applications emerging in mining, for example, where handling devices are being enhanced with HD video streaming and 3D sensing technology to improve operational efficiency and safety," said Tony Chen, Product Manager, Industrial Wireless, Moxa, Inc. "These developments give rise to innovative remote-controlled solutions that require high-bandwidth wireless infrastructure capable of seamlessly integrating mobile systems and operations."

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Image - SiTime Delivers RF and Synchronization Performance with 30x Higher Reliability and 20x Better ResilienceSiTime Delivers RF and Synchronization Performance with 30x Higher Reliability and 20x Better Resilience

SiTime Corp. has introduced a new precision timing platform, Elite RF™, that simplifies timing architecture in wireless infrastructure. The Elite RF Super-TCXO® enables higher bandwidth and lower latency that is critical to future 5G and satellite communications deployment.

Applications include radios in small cells, remote radio, microwave backhaul, and SATCOM equipment.

The Elite RF Super-TCXO is an entirely new class of MEMS-based temperature-controlled oscillators. They are purpose-built to withstand extreme environments in which 5G radios are deployed, while delivering the phase noise, accuracy, and resilience in a single, highly integrated device.

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Image - CellGate's OmniPoint Wireless Multi-Point Access Control Solution Can Be Installed Almost AnywhereCellGate's OmniPoint Wireless Multi-Point Access Control Solution Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

CellGate is introducing an innovative new wireless multi-point access control solution called OmniPoint.

OmniPoint is vastly different than most currently installed access control systems around the country, in that it does not require data wires or control panels. This means there is less hardware to purchase, install and connect via data wires on a property.

OmniPoint's unique system design, capabilities and use of LoRa technology means it is an ideal solution for schools, warehouses, shipping yards, multi-tenant communities, loading docks, regional airports, parking lots, and many other similar properties that have factors that make a wired access control solution cost prohibitive or simply impossible to install.

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Image - Webinar: 7 Supply Chain Red Flags for TelecomsWebinar: 7 Supply Chain Red Flags for Telecoms

Supply chain incidents and disruptions can occur at any moment and create challenges for businesses of all kinds -- the telecommunications industry is not exempt from these challenges. Between semiconductor and equipment shortages, shifts in demand and a lack of qualified labor, telecom companies face their share of supply chain opposition and risks.

Avetta is hosting a webinar featuring a panel of industry experts discussing the top red flags to watch out for, how to take corrective action, and when it’s time to pivot. The webinar is scheduled for 10am CST on January 25th.

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Image - GL's Latest Telephone Emulator Ideal for VoIP Air Traffic ManagementGL's Latest Telephone Emulator Ideal for VoIP Air Traffic Management

GL's Message Automation and Protocol Simulation Telephone Emulator can emulate Ground-to-Ground calls as per EUROCAE ED-137B Volume 2 and ED-137C Volume 2 Telephone standards. The software provides complete control over call scenarios and the ability to customize network parameters for signaling and VoIP traffic.

"The software can be installed on any Windows® PC and uses the PC's network interface card to generate and receive ED-137 traffic. The software can generate more than 500 simultaneous calls, emulate hundreds of user agents and full functionality of the Controller Working Position (CWP) entities in Ground-to-Ground telephone calls," said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications.

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Image - BenQ Debuts New LED Meeting Room ProjectorBenQ Debuts New LED Meeting Room Projector

BenQ has introduced the LW500 meeting room projector that brings clarity and color accuracy to professional meeting environments. With 98% Rec. 709 color coverage, an all-glass lens and an LED lifetime up to 30,000 hours, the LW500 offers long-lasting, vibrant color to improve accuracy of images and boost readability of presentations.

"Meetings should be focused on the business, project or discussion at hand, not the technology displaying it," said Houston Wei, senior director of BenQ North America. "The LW500 provides a low-maintenance solution with stunning visual imagery to redefine visuals for meeting professionals and accurately display presentations in a variety of meeting environments."

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Image - New Mobile Messaging for Businesses Provides Targeted and Personalized Compliant MessagingNew Mobile Messaging for Businesses Provides Targeted and Personalized Compliant Messaging

Lumavate has introduced Mobile Messaging -- a new capability helping businesses engage with their customers, partners, and employees with highly-relevant text messaging. Part of the Lumavate Digital Experience Platform (DXP), organizations can enable users to easily opt-in to text, segment their audiences, send real-time and scheduled texts, and analyze message data directly within the same platform where they build digital experiences.

"Today's customers are constantly on their mobile devices, which means mobile is a great channel for marketers to use for customer engagement. However, many businesses have yet to embark on a mobile messaging program due to its perceived complexity. That's exactly the problem our new messaging functionality solves," said Stephanie Cox, CEO of Lumavate. "We're making it easier for businesses to start a mobile messaging program by providing them with the functionality and expertise to drive revenue and increase brand loyalty."

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