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Image - BICSI DCDCs -- Experts in Data Center DesignBICSI DCDCs -- Experts in Data Center Design

Learn to properly design increasingly complex data centers to ensure greater capacity, increased efficiency, and higher levels of utilization. BICSI can help you reach your goal of becoming a BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) and upgrade your career.

Learn more at bicsi.org/dcdc.

Image - Collaboration Will Lead to 5G Edge SolutionsCollaboration Will Lead to 5G Edge Solutions

ADLINK & Sageran are establishing a joint lab for developing integrated 5G edge solutions. The expanded partnership will accelerate the development of compact edge solutions needed for private 5G networks, and 5G-enabled solutions for industry specific applications such as such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

The partners have already developed a highly compact integrated 5G small cell set combining ADLINK's latest edge server series and Sageran's BBU protocol stack delivering complete 5G network functions. "5G RAN is the most critical infrastructure driving 5G network rollout. Building 5G RAN in a cost-effective, sustainable way is equally as important as delivering network performance for wireless providers," said Julian Ye, ADLINK's Director of Networking and Communications.

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Image - Wireless Messaging System Enables Sensors to Talk IPWireless Messaging System Enables Sensors to Talk IP

Ripl™ Networks, a leading innovator in IP networking for low power things, has introduced Ripl MLMesh™, a Wireless Messaging System that makes any IoT sensor a wireless IP emitter. Comprised of a radio adapter (Ripl-Edge™), border router (Ripl-X™) and software stack (Ripl-Lib™), the system resolves long-standing problems in enterprise IoT:

  • Eliminates the security risk, complexity and expense of running a separate type of data network for IoT due to non-IP protocols
  • Allows the enterprise to code, scale and manage IoT applications without any change to their IP-centric platforms, extending the ROI of their existing knowledge-base and infrastructure
  • Creates self-healing IoT networks that maximize the use of free wireless spectrum by leveraging machine learning at the edge
  • Enables impromptu networking for instant IoT deployments, with or without Internet connectivity, bypassing the need for 3rd party towers, gateways and service fees

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Image - BICSI's Updated Data Infrasturcture Cabling Design ProgramBICSI's Updated Data Infrasturcture Cabling Design Program

BICSI announces the release of its updated Registered Communications Distribution Design® (RCDD®) credential program, including an updated publication, course, and exam. RCDDs are globally recognized for demonstrating exceptional expertise and qualifications in the design, integration and implementation of cutting-edge information and communications technology (ICT) solutions.

Learn more today at bicsi.org/rcdd.

Image - ERP Software Includes New Technology for Transmission Mast InspectionERP Software Includes New Technology for Transmission Mast Inspection

SAP has added Pix4D to its Accelerator Program. The collaboration between SAP and Pix4D is principally aimed at the telecommunications industry -- the new Pix4D technology for the inspection of transmission masts with the help of drones, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) is being implemented in the SAP S/4HANA platform and was integrated into the SAP Asset Management.

Companies using this integrated technology can securely collect data from drones and from the ground in order to automatically create accurate 3D models of transmission masts and telecommunications systems. The digital copies can be examined in a virtual environment using Pix4Dinspect, with machine learning algorithms helping to automatically measure the sizes and orientations of the antennas. In combination with existing company data, this information aids in valuable decision-making for business processes such as calculating profitability or evaluating the system's condition.

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Image - Accent Releases Cloud-Based Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Service for BusinessAccent Releases Cloud-Based Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Service for Business

Accent's VoiceONE® Meetings delivers cloud-based HD video conferencing, web meetings, and team collaboration services from any device via Accent's VoiceONE® cloud services network.

"VoiceONE® Meetings is an exciting addition to our suite of cloud services which will deliver a tremendous user experience and increased value to all of our customers," said Chris Cameron, President/CEO of Accent. VoiceONE® Meetings provides a complete video meetings and conferencing experience including HD video, in-meeting chat, document collaboration, personalized meeting rooms, screen sharing, and more. These capabilities assist teams in communicating more effectively and allow businesses to stay connected to their customers and critical partners from anywhere.

In addition to delivering video meetings and conferencing, VoiceONE® Meetings can be bundled with Accent's VoiceONE® Cloud Phone System to deliver a complete unified communication, video conferencing, and team messaging solution for those businesses seeking a full cloud communication service.

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Image - Team.Video Helps Companies Improve Their Remote MeetingsTeam.Video Helps Companies Improve Their Remote Meetings

Plectica LLC, has launched Team.Video, a video conference platform designed to inspire increased engagement in meetings and empower organizations to measure and improve the health of their meeting culture. Virtual workforces brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the need for better remote collaboration tools. While existing video conferencing tools have kept work teams connected, they have also led to employee fatigue as many meetings lack the right purpose, people and participation.

Team.Video improves the overall workflow of remote meetings and is designed for teams that aspire to conduct remote meetings based on mutual trust, equitable involvement and genuine collaboration. This approach is successful in facilitating meetings that are efficient and productive as well as enjoyable and motivating for everyone involved.

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Image - Heilind Now Offers Compact, High-Gain LTE/5G Cellular Antennas for Connected Smart Devices and High-Performance NetworksHeilind Now Offers Compact, High-Gain LTE/5G Cellular Antennas for Connected Smart Devices and High-Performance Networks

Heilind Electronics, an authorized distributor for Molex, has expanded its portfolio of wireless solutions with off-the-shelf LTE/5G cellular external hinged antennas. Molex antennas are designed for a wide range of applications, including IoT (Internet of Things), automotive, consumer electronics and medical devices.

The hinged type antennas provide excellent coverage and reliability with high efficiency and peak gain. LTE/5G cellular antennas are offered in both black/white and male/female options and are designed for a variety of wireless and networking applications.

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Image - Work-From-Home Cyber Security Risks: Three Ways to Protect Your NetworkWork-From-Home Cyber Security Risks: Three Ways to Protect Your Network

Responding to the rapid increase in work-from-home cyber security incidents at small and midsized businesses (SMBs), DIGIGUARD is now focusing its Cyber Threat Protection Services on remote workforce IT security. The FBI has seen a 400 percent increase in cybersecurity attack complaints since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to DIGIGUARD's Harvey Yan, "IT security works best with strategically planned layers of comprehensive protection." At a minimum, Yan urges SMBs do three things:

  • Secure and update network perimeter defenses along with endpoints that access the network such as computers, laptops and mobile phones.
  • Back up and secure business data for recovery in the event of a cyberattack or system failure.
  • Train employees to recognize and avoid cyber threats such as malware and phishing attacks.

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