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Image - 5G Focused on Telecommunications Market5G Focused on Telecommunications Market

It is true that smart phones will continue to be the most important market for 5G, but only at the early stage. 5G is beyond the mobile phone. The goal for 5G is to create a universal network to link various vertical applications. The true opportunities in 5G are actually beyond mobile. The promising markets as mentioned in "5G Technology, Market and Forecasts 2020-2030" include remote healthcare, private 5G for industrial usage, enhanced AR/VR and more.

How to benefit directly from the massive market opportunity of 5G is a key question for all business leaders and those responsible for business innovation. IDTechEx reports on 5G, helping companies clarify the real opportunities in 5G apart from the hype.

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Image - Wi-Fi 6 Technology Achieves Speeds Up to 4x Faster than Previous Wi-Fi StandardsWi-Fi 6 Technology Achieves Speeds Up to 4x Faster than Previous Wi-Fi Standards

TPx, a nationwide provider of managed IT, security, unified communications and connectivity, announced that its MSx Managed Networks service now leverages Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology that will help boost business productivity with secure, fast and easily accessible Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi 6, also known as High-Efficiency Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), lays the groundwork for the growing use of internet-connected hardware and devices as well as applications like collaborative high-definition (HD) video streaming, augmented reality and virtual reality.

"Today, business Wi-Fi networks are struggling to keep up with the dramatic increase in the number of wireless devices and high-bandwidth multimedia applications – not to mention the influx of 8K video, virtual reality and 5G network traffic," said Jared Martin, Vice President of MSx Managed Services at TPx. "Wireless networks need to handle higher density and higher throughput requirements as well as issues associated with radio interference and security. TPx has the technology to help businesses of all sizes deal with those issues today."

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Image - Phone System Allows Businesses to Update Customers Anytime, Anywhere, on Any DevicePhone System Allows Businesses to Update Customers Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

VOXOX provides an extensive suite of carrier-grade business phone solutions, including VoxDirect, Cloud Phone, as well as SIP Trunking, hosted PBX, and a wide array of wholesale services.

VoxDirect combines both text messaging and business phone systems, empowering businesses to send updates to their customers anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device. Small business owners can strengthen their professionalism with unlimited virtual receptionists, intelligent call routing to any phone or group of phones, multiple extensions for unlimited employees, custom greetings, virtual phone numbers and more.

The company recently announced it has been chosen as a finalist for the Cloud Computing Awards for "Best in Mobile" Cloud Solution.

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Image - Combining Technical ICT Project Management with Professional Personnel ManagementCombining Technical ICT Project Management with Professional Personnel Management

The BICSI Registered Telecommunications Project Manager™ (RTPM®) Program teaches individuals the complexities of information and communications technology (ICT) needed to expertly plan, initiate, manage, and close ICT projects successfully, while effectively communicating between stakeholders. Check out the BICSI TPM Manual and series of PM courses to get started.

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Image - Single Mobile Device Can Now Be Used for Cellular and Push-to-Talk CommunicationSingle Mobile Device Can Now Be Used for Cellular and Push-to-Talk Communication

Telrad Networks, a global provider of LTE telecom solutions, has partnered with push-to-talk (PTT) solutions provider Mobile Tornado to offer an integrated, end-to-end solution for PTT communication over broadband.

This joint solution is primed to replace traditional PTT communication, which is based on legacy technology that depends on dedicated radios with limited coverage. It will allow customers to use a single mobile device for cellular as well as PTT communication in both one-to-one and group scenarios.

The new PTT solution leverages the Internet to provide robust communication anywhere the end user has LTE coverage. This could prove transformative for organizations whose day-to-day operations rely on PTT communication, such as the oil and gas or mining industries.

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Image - Simple Solution Enables Remote Users to Connect to In-Office Desktops Through the CloudSimple Solution Enables Remote Users to Connect to In-Office Desktops Through the Cloud

Ericom Software is now offering its Ericom Connect solution through its cloud platform. With this offering, organizations can enable remote workforces by securely connecting users to the private applications and in-office desktops they need to stay productive, without provisioning infrastructure and installing and maintaining software on their own servers.

Ericom Connect provides secure, centrally managed access to Windows and Linux applications and user desktops, from any device, with powerful remote access functionality that provides a seamless and familiar experience for end users. Users simply connect to the desktops and applications they need to get their work done through standard web browsers or a natively installed client.

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Image - BICSI DCDCs -- Experts in Data Center DesignBICSI DCDCs -- Experts in Data Center Design

Learn to properly design increasingly complex data centers to ensure greater capacity, increased efficiency, and higher levels of utilization. BICSI can help you reach your goal of becoming a BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) and upgrade your career.

Learn more at bicsi.org/dcdc.

Image - Collaboration Will Lead to 5G Edge SolutionsCollaboration Will Lead to 5G Edge Solutions

ADLINK & Sageran are establishing a joint lab for developing integrated 5G edge solutions. The expanded partnership will accelerate the development of compact edge solutions needed for private 5G networks, and 5G-enabled solutions for industry specific applications such as such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

The partners have already developed a highly compact integrated 5G small cell set combining ADLINK's latest edge server series and Sageran's BBU protocol stack delivering complete 5G network functions. "5G RAN is the most critical infrastructure driving 5G network rollout. Building 5G RAN in a cost-effective, sustainable way is equally as important as delivering network performance for wireless providers," said Julian Ye, ADLINK's Director of Networking and Communications.

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Image - Wireless Messaging System Enables Sensors to Talk IPWireless Messaging System Enables Sensors to Talk IP

Ripl™ Networks, a leading innovator in IP networking for low power things, has introduced Ripl MLMesh™, a Wireless Messaging System that makes any IoT sensor a wireless IP emitter. Comprised of a radio adapter (Ripl-Edge™), border router (Ripl-X™) and software stack (Ripl-Lib™), the system resolves long-standing problems in enterprise IoT:

  • Eliminates the security risk, complexity and expense of running a separate type of data network for IoT due to non-IP protocols
  • Allows the enterprise to code, scale and manage IoT applications without any change to their IP-centric platforms, extending the ROI of their existing knowledge-base and infrastructure
  • Creates self-healing IoT networks that maximize the use of free wireless spectrum by leveraging machine learning at the edge
  • Enables impromptu networking for instant IoT deployments, with or without Internet connectivity, bypassing the need for 3rd party towers, gateways and service fees

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