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Image - SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO Apliances Enable Acceleration and De-Centralization of Data ProtectionSymplyPRO Ethernet LTO Apliances Enable Acceleration and De-Centralization of Data Protection

Symply has launched a new range of cutting-edge LTO appliances with Ethernet connectivity that expands the SymplyPRO family. Designed for Ethernet-based and Hyper-converged environments including media & entertainment, enterprises and datacenters, the SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances provide secure, shared access to LTO tape drives over a 10Gb Ethernet network.

By deploying the appliances on a network, organizations can reduce reliance on dedicated and expensive servers by dispersing and de-centralizing data protection tasks with readily available high-speed access to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology. SymplyPRO Ethernet LTO appliances provide a remarkable 20% performance increase over conventional SAS-connected LTO drives.

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Image - 3-in-1 Industrial Wireless Access Point/Bridge/Client Offers Faster Data Transmission, Secure Environment3-in-1 Industrial Wireless Access Point/Bridge/Client Offers Faster Data Transmission, Secure Environment

Moxa Inc. has introduced its new AWK-4252A Series 3-in-1 industrial wireless Access Point/Bridge/Client optimized for faster data transmission speeds through the incorporation of IEEE 802.11ac technology resulting in aggregated data rates of up to 1.267 Gbps, or about three times faster than the 450 Mbps of 802.11n.

Moxa designed the AWK-4252A to comply with the most demanding industrial standards and approvals including operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD, and vibration. These devices are suitable for building an IEC 62443-3-3 compliant security environment, resulting in lower development risk, time, and cost. The AWK-4252A can be powered via PoE to facilitate flexible, cost-effective deployments.

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Image - Fusion of Materials Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to Redefine the Development of 6G TechnologyFusion of Materials Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to Redefine the Development of 6G Technology

Matmerize, Inc., a materials AI innovator, and Resonac Corporation have formed a partnership aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of 6G technology. Resonac will leverage the power of Matmerize's PolymRize™ AI software technology to accelerate the development of exceptional high-performance neat and composite materials for 6G technology and beyond.

In January 2023, Resonac Corporation announced plans to develop new semiconductor materials for 6G, the next-generation telecommunication system standard following 5G. With 6G set to be 100 times faster than 5G, new semiconductor materials are needed to substantially reduce the transmission loss associated with the increased communication speed.

To meet this requirement, Resonac will identify optimal materials with the required characteristics through computational and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. Where manual testing using traditional techniques would demand three months to assess a single materials combination, Matmerize's AI software, PolymRize™, reduces the time required to a single day and can evaluate up to 90 combinations within the same three-month span.

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Image - Celona's Orchestrater Gives Broader Visibility and Deep Dive Insights into Private Wireless NetworksCelona's Orchestrater Gives Broader Visibility and Deep Dive Insights into Private Wireless Networks

Celona has introduced major enhancements to its cloud-based 5G LAN orchestration platform that helps IT staff quickly measure, monitor and analyze the experience for private wireless users, devices and sites.

Bundled within its turnkey 5G LAN solution, the Celona Orchestrator is a cloud-based platform that enables full RAN to LAN administration of Celona 5G LAN infrastructure. Celona's Orchestrator provides intuitive Web-based point-and-click controls to easily provision and optimize all aspects of a private wireless network including users, devices, access controls, QoS policies and applications.

Using modern data science methods, Celona's Orchestrator platform now delivers rich analytics that enable IT staff to quickly pinpoint potential root causes for poor device experience while quantifying critical performance aspects of the network.

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Image - Powermat's New Power Platform Reduces Costs of Deploying Telecom SystemsPowermat's New Power Platform Reduces Costs of Deploying Telecom Systems

Powermat Technologies has launced its PMT350 600W wireless power platform, the next generation in its family of platforms based on the company's SmartInductive™ hybrid inductive/resonance technology.

Building on the company's previous-generation 40W, 200W and 300W platforms, Powermat's powerful new 600W platform is optimized for mid-power industrial, micro-mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters, golf carts), robotics, medical and telecom applications. Powermat created its next-generation 600W wireless power platform to make it more affordable for OEMs to develop these cable-free, wirelessly-powered systems.

Removing charging cables and replacing them with Powermat's wireless power technology creates autonomous, efficient systems free from exact alignment or docking restrictions and able to reduce the expensive downtime of both maintenance and wired charging, lowering total costs of ownership (TCO).

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Image - 5G Protocol Analyzer Offers Real-Time Network Monitoring5G Protocol Analyzer Offers Real-Time Network Monitoring

GL Communications Inc.'s new 5G Protocol Analyzer enables real-time monitoring and capture of 5G network traffic, allowing you to effortlessly gather and analyze data across the network.

"GL's 5G Protocol Analyzer offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for 5G networks. It captures, decodes, and collects statistics over the N1N2, N4, N8, N10, N11, N12, and N13 interfaces, providing valuable insights into network performance and behavior," said Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of GL Communications.

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Image - NextGen Smart Firewall Simplifies Network Security for Distributed Control SystemsNextGen Smart Firewall Simplifies Network Security for Distributed Control Systems

Emerson is improving perimeter security for the DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS) with its new NextGen Smart Firewall, a purpose-built control system firewall designed to provide easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain perimeter security for all industries. More ruggedized construction, increased bandwidth, and role-based access provide users with increased performance and more granular access control.

Manufacturers need to secure their networks without complexity that would otherwise add administrative overhead to already busy operations teams. Emerson's NextGen Smart Firewall features a user-friendly HTML5 web-based user interface, easy to understand setup menus, and pre-defined DeltaV application rules. The ease of use helps DeltaV administrators and control engineers with no security or information technology (IT) expertise create secure connections for DeltaV applications.

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Image - Easy-to-Use Test Devices Record Reception Quality On Site; Identify Radio Coverage ProblemsEasy-to-Use Test Devices Record Reception Quality On Site; Identify Radio Coverage Problems

S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH have presented new innovative solutions for surveying mobile radio, WLAN and IIoT radio infrastructures.

Mobile wireless communication is indispensable today -- all the more important it is to know the radio coverage or availability and quality of mobile radio and WLAN networks. S.E.A.'s easy-to-use drive test and walk test devices SEA 3714C and SEA3809E use multiple sensors to simultaneously record the current reception situation and display it on maps. This solution provides a simple way of clarifying radio coverage problems and creates a perfect basis for their elimination. With the help of so-called drive tests, public mobile radio networks can be detected as well as private campus networks.

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Image - Global Multicloud Transit Hub Network Secures Cloud-to-Cloud NetworkingGlobal Multicloud Transit Hub Network Secures Cloud-to-Cloud Networking

Apcela has launched a global network of cloud service provider (CSP) neutral multicloud transit hubs across 120 cities worldwide. The Arcus Transit Hub network is built on Apcela's Arcus platform, and within its existing globally distributed AppHubs. It enables enterprises to easily and securely integrate core data centers, offices, and remote users with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platforms using low-latency private network connectivity.

"The Apcela Arcus Transit Hub was designed to solve shortcomings by orchestrating both the underlay and overlay networks, from datacenter to the cloud, and cloud-to-cloud, all the way to the VPC," noted Apcela's VP of Product & Solution Engineering, Kunal Thakkar. Thakkar continued, "Our customers were asking for a product with the power and simplicity of the AWS Transit Gateway, but outside of AWS. That is the blueprint we used to build our multicloud transit hub network, which sits between clouds, enabling lower cost, private, secure multicloud interconnection."

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