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Image - BICSI Provides ICT Education No Matter Your LocationBICSI Provides ICT Education No Matter Your Location

Experience virtual knowledge-building and networking at BICSI's 2020 Fall Virtual Conference & Exhibition. This innovative and immersive format connects colleagues and experts worldwide via an interactive Exhibit Hall, live chats, and educational sessions. Topics include 5G, Date Centers, PoE, Smart Cities, IoT, AV, Wireless/DAS, and more.

Register today at bicsi.org/fall.

Image - New New "Free Forever" Text and Voice Marketing Solution to Help Small Businesses Recover -- Fast!

Voxox has launched its VoxDirect "Free Forever" plan to help small businesses come back stronger and faster from the current national crisis. CEO of VOXOX, Bryan Hertz said, "We saw was that as businesses were getting back on their feet they needed cheap, effective marketing to connect with their customers instantly and with our new free forever plan we feel like we are using what we have to make a notable difference."

VoxDirect is a communications hub that unifies powerful phone and mass texting capabilities for small businesses in a single service. The plan includes a complete suite of phone features to support a work-from-anywhere environment, including two virtual receptionists, two extensions, one business phone number, 20 Text Blast Message per month, conference calling, business hours, and call recording.

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Image - BullsEye Telecom Adds 24/7, Customized, Proactive Cybersecurity SolutionsBullsEye Telecom Adds 24/7, Customized, Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, BullsEye Telecom launched a Remote Worker Kit, enabling companies to quickly deploy technology so they could facilitate their employees being away from the office. Now, BullsEye is offering cybersecurity solutions from CBI to help businesses secure and manage their endpoints, data and brand.

"Today, with many employees working remotely, cybersecurity has been thrust into the spotlight of company leaders and IT departments," said David Neely, Chief Revenue Officer for BullsEye Telecom. "CBI is a tremendous resource of services and solutions for our clients looking to protect their businesses without overwhelming IT departments."

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Image - New Digital Phone Service Helping Business Stay Connected with Better Functionality, Lower CostNew Digital Phone Service Helping Business Stay Connected with Better Functionality, Lower Cost

P-VoIP from Crosswind VoIP has just been launched to help businesses jump into digital phone service. P-VoIP offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to not only jump from landlines like they're a burning ship, it lets them swim over with confidence, knowing they'll soon have better functionality at a lower cost.

Kim Warren, CEO of Crosswind, explained, "While P-VoIP replaces the landline phone system, it's nowhere close to an even exchange. It's an impressive, robust system that doesn't require cabling or equipment upgrades." P-VoIP uses a business's existing equipment, including telephones, while changing the system to digital and running everything through the existing internet connection.

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Image - Innovative Mobile Data Defender™: Quantum Resistant Secure Voice and Secure Chat SolutionInnovative Mobile Data Defender™: Quantum Resistant Secure Voice and Secure Chat Solution

Cyber Reliant has released its Mobile Data Defender™ to specific security and privacy focused government and commercial industry test users. Cyber Reliant's quantum resistant secure voice and chat technology provides a level of security such that if an attacker had unlimited computing power, as in a weaponized quantum computer, they still could not compromise the data protection methods employed by Cyber Reliant.

With Cyber Reliant's breakthrough secure voice and chat innovation, sensitive and confidential communication can be conducted on any commercially available Android and iOS device thus eliminating the need for a limited-use specialized device with full privacy and security on any network while removing the risk of electronic eavesdropping and exploitation.

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Image - Turn Your Android Phone Into a Mobile HotspotTurn Your Android Phone Into a Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Solutions has introduced Android as a Mobile Hotspot.

With the influx of working remotely, businesses are looking for solutions that will enable end users and allow them to maintain control. Basic mobile hotspots, used to deliver internet to remote locations or workers, lack manageability in terms of locating and remote configuration by administrators. This can leave valuable mobile endpoints vulnerable.

Hotspot devices make it easy to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a huge spike in demand for hotspot devices and unfortunately, this means that for many organizations, hotspots are no longer available. Mobile Solutions' Android as a Mobile Hotspot facilitates streamlined internet access via Android devices that are locked down to kiosk hotspot mode. This solution enables organizations to provide remote working and schools to provide distance learning with ease.

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Image - Cloud Now -- Pay LaterCloud Now -- Pay Later

Wharfedale Technologies, a leading cloud service provider, has introduced its Cloud Now -- Pay Later program.

This program was created to help organizations carry out crucial SAP cloud transformations without compromising near-term cash management. SAP customers who take advantage of the Cloud Now -- Pay Later program can migrate their SAP landscape to Azure Cloud with no upfront costs and 180 days of deferred payment on Wharfedale's SAP Managed Services. Cloud adoption has surged with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Image - LTE Telematics Gateway Features 6 CAN Busses, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BroadR Reach, Ethernet, and GPSLTE Telematics Gateway Features 6 CAN Busses, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BroadR Reach, Ethernet, and GPS

Appareo has released the Gateway 260 -- a rugged yet lightweight edge computing platform for mobile equipment applications that provides a wide range of communication technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, and controller area networking (CAN).

The Appareo Gateway 260 is unique in that it couples the capabilities of a modern LTE connectivity device and a powerful computational platform capable of receiving and processing data from a wide range of vehicle networks and buses.

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Image - HideAway VPN: World's Fastest Virtual Private Network Software for Windows PCsHideAway VPN: World's Fastest Virtual Private Network Software for Windows PCs

Firetrust recently announced the official launch of its newest software innovation: HideAway VPN. HideAway is a super-fast virtual private network (VPN) that improves upon and reinvents standard VPN technology by adding flexible rules, much faster speeds, and an "Always-On" capability.

HideAway has been extensively tested against competitors with speed tests indicating it is twice as fast, having reached a top speed of 3.7Gbps. Currently for Windows, HideAway will rollout Android, Mac and Linux versions over the coming months. HideAway is available for purchase, and is offering a one-week free trial.

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