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Image - Registration Opens for 2022 IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry ForumRegistration Opens for 2022 IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum

Registration is now open for the 71st annual IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum, taking place October 10–13, 2022 in Providence, Rhode Island. This premier event includes a Technical Symposium featuring previously unpublished Technical Papers, Plenary Luncheon with Influential Keynote Speaker, Supplier Exhibition™, new expert Panel Discussions, Executive Session, and Professional Development Courses.

This year's Supplier Exhibition™ will feature more than 75 industry-leading suppliers who will be demonstrating cutting-edge technologies in cable and connectivity products, processes, and applications. New this year, IWCS plans to introduce three expert panel discussions on the topics of Celebrating Women of the Industry, Early Career Success Tips, and Advancing Technologies. The theme of the 2022 IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum is: rebooting the future of our industry and communities.

Visit iwcs.org/attend for registration and event information.

Image - Onyx Private 5G Network Launches; Companies Can Now Own Their Own 5G NetworkOnyx Private 5G Network Launches; Companies Can Now Own Their Own 5G Network

GXC, a network-as-a-service communications company, has announced the commercial availability of GXC Onyx -- its end-to-end private 5G network solution. Designed specifically for enterprises that are looking to leverage advanced applications and services accessible through a 5G infrastructure, GXC Onyx enables business to optimize efficiency through Internet of Things and other machine-to-machine type capabilities that enable automation in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and other sectors.

"With Onyx, we are providing the ability to reliably and securely connect thousands of devices across an enterprise. Because the Enterprise owns the network, they also own the overall network experience as well as all of the data that is exchanged on the network. Once you expose this to the Enterprise, the potential applications are virtually endless and growth is possible like never before," says Ben Posthuma, Director of Product Development and Marketing at GXC.

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Image - Fiber-to-Ethernet Media Converters Ideal for Industrial Networks Requiring Long Distance, High Bandwidth ConnectivityFiber-to-Ethernet Media Converters Ideal for Industrial Networks Requiring Long Distance, High Bandwidth Connectivity

Antaira Technologies has introduced its IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-T and IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-24-T Gigabit single-port media converters with IEEE 802.3bt 90W PoE++. Both converters give network administrators the means to interconnect long-distance fiber networks to copper-based 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet with minimum cost and complexity.

Both converters serve as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) capable of delivering an impressive 90W to PoE-complaint devices, therefore enabling the converters to accommodate power-hungry PTZ IP cameras and WAPs. Importantly, both converters extend LAN cabling distances using SFPs selectable to meet application requirements for the fiber network.

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Image - IoT Private Network in a BoxIoT Private Network in a Box

Clovity has partnered with EUCAST Global in a strategic move that will result in an "IoT network in a box" -- a fully deployable private network capability coupled with the software that can bring forward smart devices and aggregated data that is truly at the edge of a network.

Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina says, "We are already seeing the synergies in providing a turn-key solution that meets the needs of clients wanting to manage their smart devices remotely by placing them onto a network that is both secure and highly scalable. Our IoT software, called CSensorNet, reads data from these devices and can display analytics right from the network using our artificial intelligence and edge component of our IoT application."

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Image - FlexIP Solutions Offers Telecom Assessment -- Finds Complimentary Cost Savings for Businesses of All SizesFlexIP Solutions Offers Telecom Assessment -- Finds Complimentary Cost Savings for Businesses of All Sizes

FlexIP Solutions, a nationwide provider of custom managed communications solutions for businesses, is now offering a free custom telecom assessment and report for businesses of all sizes to help them better navigate digital transformation.

"Businesses are moving through a radical period of change by migrating from on-premises systems to cloud-based communications platforms," said Robert Latronica, Vice President of Business Development at FlexIP Solutions. "The experts at FlexIP Solutions evaluate businesses' telecom environments, free of charge, to make sure what they're paying for is actually what they need. We also recommend ways they could improve their operations and save money with modern, cost-efficient solutions."

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Image - Easy-to-Use Hosted PBX Solution for VoIP Service ProvidersEasy-to-Use Hosted PBX Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta, a leader in white label cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, and DIDWW, a leading provider of premium quality VoIP communications and two-way SIP trunking services, have announced an integrated solution for Hosted PBX.

phone.systems™ is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual PBX solution from DIDWW, integrated with Telinta's softswitch and billing platform. The solution is specifically designed to interconnect with any service provider for VoIP Origination and Termination, and requires no special hardware to purchase and maintain.

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Image - New Four-Channel Small Cell Platform Ideal for High-Performance 5G ApplicationsNew Four-Channel Small Cell Platform Ideal for High-Performance 5G Applications

Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. announced that its CommAgility brand has introduced a new four-channel small cell platform for high-performance 5G applications, such as industrial private networks, cloud applications, and video streaming.

The standalone 5G small cell platform includes four high-quality, flexible RF channels, each offering up to 100 MHz bandwidth, enabling 4x4 MIMO downlink operation and delivering gigabit throughput, fulfilling the promises of high data rate 5G.

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Image - Free Beta Version of New Web-Based Networking Management Software Now AvailableFree Beta Version of New Web-Based Networking Management Software Now Available

To help drive down industrial network infrastructure costs and increase uptime, Antaira Technologies has launched Antaira NMS, a web-based network management suite that empowers administrators with maximum visibility into large, evolving networks.

By offering a fully visible infrastructure through topology visualization, Antaira NMS dramatically reduces the time, money and effort normally required to configure and manage industrial networks. For example, Antaira Ethernet devices, whether existing or newly installed, are automatically added into the network topology through SNMP, so that manual intervention is avoided.

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Image - Switchboard Enables Video Conferencing and Collaboration on Multiple Applications in a Single Virtual RoomSwitchboard Enables Video Conferencing and Collaboration on Multiple Applications in a Single Virtual Room

Recognizing the need for collaboration tools that better emulated the in-person experience, Switchboard's world-class technology team has developed a platform that moves beyond passive communication and screen-sharing and towards a remote work environment that allows for true side-by-side engagement and full team participation.

"Switchboard exists because we deserve a work environment that helps us actually do the work together. Right now, we often spend more time figuring out how to work together than doing the work itself," said Amir Ashkenazi, CEO and Founder of Switchboard. "With Switchboard, you have everything you need side by side: all your workplace tools and most importantly, your people. Our digital coworking space blends the productive elements of remote working, while fostering the human connection we need to thrive."

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