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Image - New Way to Maximize Your Call Handling FlexibilityNew Way to Maximize Your Call Handling Flexibility

To maximize call handling flexibility, BRESSNER has developed their adds4b™ - basic add-on, which delivers convenient telephony features to Microsoft® Skype® for Business Online and On-Prem. The new software replaces the Skype for Business Call Monitor and is also compatible with Microsoft Office 365.

The new adds4b™ - basic telephony client from BRESSNER offers many features that are already familiar to users from the traditional telecommunications sector, including call forwarding with or without consultation, second call handling, integrated contact search (Top 10 list), redial list from last 7 calls, Busylight -- Support and function keys for a quick call handling.

"Despite the many features and functions, adds4b™ - basic is easy and intuitive to use," says Josef Bressner, Managing Director of Bressner Technology GmbH. "This also greatly increases user acceptance of your Skype deployments and just makes life easier."

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Image - First-Ever Drone Flights to Provide Near Real-Time Data to FirefightersFirst-Ever Drone Flights to Provide Near Real-Time Data to Firefighters

LS Networks' high-speed, fiber optic data network was used by Insitu, a wholly-owned Boeing subsidiary, to provide near real-time data to firefighters and first responders combating the Eagle Creek Fire in Oregon a couple months ago.

Insitu, coordinating with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other governing entities, utilized LS Networks to successfully complete first-ever flights of state-of-the-art drones and software that provided a revolutionary new way to support firefighting efforts.

With data collected from the drones, Insitu provided information to firefighters and first responders that enabled them to identify spot fires, fire lines and hotspots, and receive updated incident perimeter maps which provided near real-time video feeds and still images of critical infrastructure, historical structures and more.

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Image - Mobile Hotspot Router Offers Near 5G PerformanceMobile Hotspot Router Offers Near 5G Performance

AT&T is hoping the hype for 5G will drive customers to buy its new mobile hotspot router, despite being nothing to do with 5G.

What the router will offer, however, is faster speeds and more reliability. In that respect it's a stepping point towards what 5G should offer.

"The NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot Router provides upgraded mobile Wi-Fi experience and advanced security features, so almost everything you do from home can now be done on-the-go," said Jeff Howard, vice president, Device and Network Services Marketing, AT&T.

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