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Image - Become the Best at Building DesignBecome the Best at Building Design

Learn to design cost-effective, future-ready cabling networks. BICSI distribution design courses begin with the fundamentals and work up to hands-on planning and design of telecommunications distribution systems. Use this knowledge to pursue the elite Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD®) credential and take your career to the next level.

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Image - 3 Reasons Why IP Phones are Selling Strong3 Reasons Why IP Phones are Selling Strong

While most small businesses are still using legacy phone systems, the transition to VoIP is definitely underway. Replacement scenarios are almost all going to IP telephony, but depending what trends you follow most, this does not tell the whole story. Some businesses are not replacing their old phone systems, relying instead on other options, namely wireless services and soft phones.

Telecom analyst Jon Arnold gives his 3 reasons why the old desk phone is still a viable option.

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