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Looking for a way to easily and affordably reach your customers? PhoneTree® can help.

Today, communication is a vital part of our existence. Staying connected means providing important information in a timely manner, using the tools everyone has come to depend on -- phone calls, text messages, email and social messaging.

A PhoneTree system saves you time and ensures your message gets through. All to make staying connected to those important people a little easier for you. With no required contracts or monthly fees.

You choose how to connect | Business solutions made easy

Image - Terminated IDC Better Than Soldered JointTerminated IDC Better Than Soldered Joint

IDC (Insulation Displacing Connectors) termination is the preferred method for terminating wires for voice or data connectivity; such as 66 blocks and 110 systems.

Cablesys insists on IDC termination for connecting Telco connectors to a 25-pair cable because the connections have excellent performance and high reliability. The terminals have spring properties that hold the wires in a stable mechanical condition.

Manual soldering can be inconsistent and subject to failure as a result of mechanical or temperature stresses. The bottom line is that Cablesys Telco Cables perform better and cost 20% less.

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