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Image - Register NOW for BICSI's Upcoming Vegas Conference and SAVE $100+Register NOW for BICSI's Upcoming Vegas Conference and SAVE $100+

Join us for the 2019 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition on 29 September -- 3 October 2019 at the luxurious Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center. The ICT industry's top influencers will share their expertise on emerging technology trends shaping our world. Early pricing ends 30 August.

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Image - GL Releases Unique 5G Network Test SuiteGL Releases Unique 5G Network Test Suite

GL's comprehensive Signaling and Traffic Emulation Suite for 5G Wireless Networks, referred commonly as MAPS™, provides a unique "programmable, scriptable" framework that is independent of any protocol or network, makes it easy to perform cross-domain testing and transition tests to new technology such as 5G. The core network and all its underlying entities can be accurately tested for functionalities and performance.

In addition, GL's comprehensive QoS Test Suite for 5G Wireless Networks provides a unique VQuad™ Solution for evaluating voice and data quality independent of the underlying network such as Cellular/Wireless networks, Land Mobile Radios and Wired networks. When linked with the GL VQT Analyzer, one can automate Voice POLQA measurements and evaluate true 'User-Experience' in real-time.

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Image - Smaller Than a Smartphone, SkyKey Delivers Enterprise-Level Wired & Wireless Network ManagementSmaller Than a Smartphone, SkyKey Delivers Enterprise-Level Wired & Wireless Network Management

EnGenius Technologies Inc. has launched EnGenius SkyKey -- a new product aimed at IT administrators who are interested in speeding up the process of managing feature-rich access points and switches. SkyKey saves time by managing wired and wireless networks form a single eco-system.

Even though the device is smaller than an average smartphone, it is powerful enough to act as an integrated computer equipped with built-in sophisticated network management software and powerful state-of-the-art hardware. EnGenius SkyKey puts an end to the need for a dedicated server usually required to manage a fully on-premises wireless network.

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Image - Deltapath Now Offers Quality Dolby Audio for Office CommunicationsDeltapath Now Offers Quality Dolby Audio for Office Communications

Deltapath has introduced a new line of products that transforms and revolutionizes communication, confronts longstanding collaboration issues, and answers the new demands of the ever-changing workplace.

Dolby has partnered with Deltapath to bring you a line of Deltapath products powered by Dolby Voice. These products provide users with nothing short of a virtual audio crew to deliver studio quality audio. Through the integration, audio and video conferences ascend to a whole new level.

Deltapath Mobile is also powered by Dolby Voice, which means you don't have to be in an office using a fixed device to enjoy great communication and collaboration. Your virtual audio crew goes where you go.

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Image - Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case Controls Access to CamerasSpy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case Controls Access to Cameras

The Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case uses easy-to-operate sliding mechanisms to control access to the front and rear cameras separately. The rear camera shutter leaves room for the flashlight to function while the camera is blocked so you never lose the ability to use the phone's features.

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Image - Connectrac Flex: New Solution for Power and Data InfrastructureConnectrac Flex: New Solution for Power and Data Infrastructure

Discover movable power with Connectrac Flex! There has never been a smarter, more flexible solution for power/data distribution in a commercial interior space...until now.

Connectrac's NEW patented Flex systems provide robust floor-based power distribution throughout any space via an invisible ultra-low-profile assembly that easily installs any time during the life of a space. Flex solves all interior power and connectivity issues: it is simple and quick to install; provides the agility to rapidly change any space and offers all the power and data capacity needed for interior environments.

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Image - Do You Know the Best Practices for Data Center Design and Maintenance?Do You Know the Best Practices for Data Center Design and Maintenance?

BICSI now has three powerful data center resources to help you ensure industry best practices: BICSI's 002, 009 and Essentials of Data Center Projects. Bundle offers available. Order today!

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Image - World's First Global World's First Global "Walkie Talkie"

Iridium Extreme PTT is the world's first global "walkie-talkie" style service. The novel radio modem functionality and signal processing developed by Iridium makes it possible to establish a connection between designated group members in under two seconds, anywhere on the planet.

"The cellular coverage we all take for granted covers less than 10 percent of the Earth's surface. Iridium Extreme PTT's market is the remaining 90 percent," said Mark Norris, Technical Authority.

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Image - Keys to Designing a Digital BuildingKeys to Designing a Digital Building

In order to leverage the future-focused capabilities of IoT within digital buildings, strategic planning is vital. Numerous options are available in building and system design, cabling infrastructure, port deployment, and zone cabling. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for every system. Network designers, cabling installers, IT managers, and end-users must weigh the pros and cons of multiple network design and infrastructure options.

One option is to build your high-performance networks with Berk-Tek and Leviton, two of the most innovative, reliable, and service-oriented names in the industry. With the combined strength of Berk-Tek cable and Leviton connectivity, you get an unparalleled return on your infrastructure investment.

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Image - Learn How to Become a Telecommunications Project ManagerLearn How to Become a Telecommunications Project Manager

BICSI's telecommunications project management program provides the tools needed to lead your team to project completion, no matter the complexity. From initial project planning to completion, you get a full-picture look at how to lead a dependable team.

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