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Image - Next-Generation 5G NR Devices for IoT, Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless AccessNext-Generation 5G NR Devices for IoT, Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access

Inseego Corp., a pioneer of 5G products and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions, has introduced a full line-up of new second-generation 5G devices that includes its new 5G portfolio of industrial IoT, fixed wireless access and mobile broadband product lines.

"After paving the way with our first generation of commercial 5G products, we've acquired a great deal of expertise around how to design and deploy the best solutions for different use cases -- and deliver great end user experiences," said Inseego Chairman and CEO Dan Mondor. "Now we're building on that foundation with a robust second-generation 5G NR portfolio of faster, smarter, smaller, innovative devices and solutions that deliver industry-leading 5G performance.

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Image - EnGenius Launches New Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access PointEnGenius Launches New Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

EnGenius Technologies Inc. has announced a high-capacity Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) outdoor access point. The new weatherproof access point takes advantage of the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology needed to support the ever-growing bandwidth demands of densely congested outdoor environments such as stadiums, airports, smart cities, and parks.

Armored by IP67-rated dust and water-resistant enclosure, the EWS850AP is fully capable of withstanding harsh weather environments, including prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rainfall, hail, and humidity. The Qualcomm® Networking Pro 400 Platform helps ensure the EWS850AP takes advantage of key Wi-Fi 6 features needed to support the growing demands of crowded wireless environments.

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Image - Mobile App Ideal to Manage Annual Meetings, Conferences, and EventsMobile App Ideal to Manage Annual Meetings, Conferences, and Events

OpenWater, an application and review software platform, has released ProgramBook, a mobile app designed for scientific organizations, professional societies and trade associations to organize and manage annual meetings, conferences and events.

This mobile app transforms the program of abstracts, sessions and authors into a searchable mobile companion at your next annual meeting. ProgramBook includes features such as informational pages, scheduling and itinerary, important contacts, digital business cards and more.

Printing thousands of program books for a conference can add up to over $25,000 in costs. With ProgramBook, they can utilize the digital program book feature and reduce their costs with an overall service fee of $3,000-$6,000. "This application serves to be an entry-level replacement for the printed program book at scientific, medical, and professional conferences and features everything needed for a successful conference," says Kunal Johar, CTO of OpenWater.

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Image - SAVE NOW on BICSI Winter ConferenceSAVE NOW on BICSI Winter Conference

Head to Tampa, Florida on 9-13 February for the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition. Boost your ICT technical know-how and professional development skills while earning industry CECs. Topics include New & Emerging Applications, Wireless & DAS, PoE, Intelligent Buildings, Optical Fiber and PON, plus more.

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Image - Voice and Messaging Application Enables Crystal Clear Calls from Anywhere in the WorldVoice and Messaging Application Enables Crystal Clear Calls from Anywhere in the World

46 Labs LLC, the company that built and operates the Perimeter carrier platform for next generation voice carriers, has announced that Rakuten Viber has chosen this platform to power their Rakuten Viber Out service. Viber Out is a turnkey voice and messaging application that enables customers to make clear voice and video calls from anywhere to anyone.

"Rakuten Viber is one of the global brands that is changing the way people, customers and companies connect," said Trevor Francis, CEO and Founder of 46 Labs.

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Image - New 100G Bypass Modular TAP Provides Added Resiliency and Security for High Speed NetworksNew 100G Bypass Modular TAP Provides Added Resiliency and Security for High Speed Networks

Garland Technology has released EdgeSafe™: 100G Bypass Modular Network TAP. EdgeSafe addresses the evolving security threats of high network speeds, especially in strict regulatory environments.

"With today's organizations facing many network concerns, we want to enable SecOp teams with the tools to improve overall network resiliency and reliability," states Jerry Dillard, CTO/Co-Founder, Garland Technology, who developed bypass technology. "Having the ability to take your appliance offline without interrupting traffic for sandboxing, updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting is quickly becoming industry best practice."

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Image - Private Cloud Services Now Easier than Ever for Small and Medium CompaniesPrivate Cloud Services Now Easier than Ever for Small and Medium Companies

With a more efficient way to host applications, Bare Metal Cloud is changing the way small and medium companies look at cloud services. What once required a significant upfront investment, now can be obtained out-of-premises and on-demand for a few cents per hour.

Cherry Servers, one of the leading Bare Metal Cloud vendors, has started to grant new cloud users $30 production credit to push the adoption of single-tenant cloud services even further. "We are moving away from the dedicated hosting business model. Businesses no longer need to pay a fixed amount of money upfront to get private cloud infrastructure," -- says Mindaugas Rupšys, CFO at Cherry Servers.

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Image - Breakthrough Network Security Protection HardwareBreakthrough Network Security Protection Hardware

Byos is introducing the Portable Secure Gateway. Built primarily for businesses with travelling or remote employees, the Portable Secure Gateway is a lightweight, low-power device that connects into any computer or tablet through a USB, facilitating a network connection. It protects users from malicious activities transmitted through any access point, essentially putting their computer or tablet in protective isolation from the rest of the network.

"We anticipate that this product will give IT teams significant peace-of-mind -- particularly those that represent enterprises with high-value client data, sensitive information or intellectual property," says Matias Katz, CEO of Byos. The official launch in scheduled for late 2019.

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Image - Espresso Displays Maximizes Portable ProductivityEspresso Displays Maximizes Portable Productivity

Espresso Displays has launched ultra-thin, portable touch screens to create workstations anywhere. Built for the on-the-go business professional, Espresso Displays enables anyone to maximize their productivity wherever life takes them.

"As professionals who work on the go, we know firsthand how important it is to not lose productivity when away from the office desk," said Scott McKeon, co-founder of Espresso Displays. "We created the perfect solution -- a lightweight, slim, touch screen display that works with any laptop. It's never been easier, or more convenient, to take work or play anywhere."

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