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Image - Cloud Now -- Pay LaterCloud Now -- Pay Later

Wharfedale Technologies, a leading cloud service provider, has introduced its Cloud Now -- Pay Later program.

This program was created to help organizations carry out crucial SAP cloud transformations without compromising near-term cash management. SAP customers who take advantage of the Cloud Now -- Pay Later program can migrate their SAP landscape to Azure Cloud with no upfront costs and 180 days of deferred payment on Wharfedale's SAP Managed Services. Cloud adoption has surged with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Image - LTE Telematics Gateway Features 6 CAN Busses, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BroadR Reach, Ethernet, and GPSLTE Telematics Gateway Features 6 CAN Busses, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BroadR Reach, Ethernet, and GPS

Appareo has released the Gateway 260 -- a rugged yet lightweight edge computing platform for mobile equipment applications that provides a wide range of communication technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, and controller area networking (CAN).

The Appareo Gateway 260 is unique in that it couples the capabilities of a modern LTE connectivity device and a powerful computational platform capable of receiving and processing data from a wide range of vehicle networks and buses.

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Image - HideAway VPN: World's Fastest Virtual Private Network Software for Windows PCsHideAway VPN: World's Fastest Virtual Private Network Software for Windows PCs

Firetrust recently announced the official launch of its newest software innovation: HideAway VPN. HideAway is a super-fast virtual private network (VPN) that improves upon and reinvents standard VPN technology by adding flexible rules, much faster speeds, and an "Always-On" capability.

HideAway has been extensively tested against competitors with speed tests indicating it is twice as fast, having reached a top speed of 3.7Gbps. Currently for Windows, HideAway will rollout Android, Mac and Linux versions over the coming months. HideAway is available for purchase, and is offering a one-week free trial.

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Image - Real-Time ICT LearningReal-Time ICT Learning

Experience live instructor-led training without leaving your home or office. BICSI Virtual Classroom Training provides the same high-quality content and teacher-student collaboration you receive inside our classrooms. Topics include structured cabling design and installation, telecommunications project management and more. Learn new skills and work toward your professional goals.

Visit bicsi.org/vct

Image - Free Cloud Application for Remote Workforce Management and Regulatory Compliance During the COVID-19 CrisisFree Cloud Application for Remote Workforce Management and Regulatory Compliance During the COVID-19 Crisis

erwin, Inc. has announced the free and immediate availability of erwin WFH (Work From Home) Impact Manager. This cloud-based application provides organizations with a single source of intelligence regarding remote workers' locations, communication preferences, and the processes, systems and technologies to support them in being productive and compliant as they work from home in response to COVID-19.

The pandemic has forced organizations around the world to re-think their business models, particularly the need to quickly ramp up and support remote workforces. erwin WFH Impact Manager, based on the company's Enterprise Collaboration SaaS platform launching later this year, will be offered free of charge for 180 days.

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Image - "RingPlan" -- Powerful Cloud-Based Phone System for Remote Work

ZTelco has launched the beta version of a new cloud-based phone system that is easy to use, quick to launch, and supports remote teams working from home. The sign-up process cuts provisioning time to only minutes, while giving customers full control of how they use their phones.

RingPlan is a scalable, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go tool designed for the digital age. RingPlan provides organizations a central hub where they can add lines, extensions, toll-free numbers, track calls, and so much more. Users can use existing phones or can buy phones online from the RingPlan portal. Full control gives organizations more power over how they budget phone communications.

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Image - Searching for One of the Best Cabling Reference Guides in the Industry?Searching for One of the Best Cabling Reference Guides in the Industry?

Using the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) gives you the latest knowledge of information and communications technology (ICT) systems. As the globally recognized blueprint for cabling infrastructure design, the TDMM has helped to certify more than 10,000 ICT professionals.

Purchase yours today at: bicsi.org/tdmm.

Image - Free Zoom And GoToMeeting Integrations to Help Remote WorkersFree Zoom And GoToMeeting Integrations to Help Remote Workers

Calendly is offering free integrations with Zoom and GoToMeeting through June 30th to help remote workers endure the public health crisis.

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the planet, more and more business professionals will shift to working from home. "We hope this gesture will make your life just a little easier as we each do our part in these coming weeks," said Tope Awotona, CEO of Calendly.

To activate your Zoom or GoToMeeting integration, sign up for a free account at calendly.com and visit the integrations page.

Calendly will also be providing free premium plan access to researchers and teams helping to solve the COVID-19 crisis. Please email covidresearch@calendly.com for more information.

Image - Huddleup Takes Meeting Rooms to the Next LevelHuddleup Takes Meeting Rooms to the Next Level

Hypersign has released a new extension product to their base visual communications platform, Hypersign+, named Huddleup. Huddleup is designed for the meeting room environment to provide video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, live TV, screen mirroring, local hdmi, digital signage and emergency alerts all within the same package.

Designed to take meeting rooms to the next level, Huddleup increases meeting efficiency and effectiveness while integrating seamlessly with the Hypersign+ platform.

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Image - Working from Home: Wi-Fi Security Tips for Remote EmployeesWorking from Home: Wi-Fi Security Tips for Remote Employees

As companies enact aggressive work-from-home measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 among their employees, Inseego Corp. provides the following information to help remote workers stay secure.

  • Wi-Fi access points are usually configured by default to broadcast the name of your wireless network -- known as the service set identifier, or SSID. Changing your settings to "hide" your SSID will help you avoid attracting the attention of opportunistic hackers.
  • Use some variant of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) -- either WPA or the newer WPA2 standard.
  • Make sure that any password (or passphrase) that protects your Wi-Fi network is long and random so it can't be cracked by a determined hacker. Do not settle for the default settings.
  • Establish a guest network for other users in your household, allowing them to connect to the internet without getting access to your company's network.

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