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Looking for a way to easily and affordably reach your customers? PhoneTree® can help.

Today, communication is a vital part of our existence. Staying connected means providing important information in a timely manner, using the tools everyone has come to depend on -- phone calls, text messages, email and social messaging.

A PhoneTree system saves you time and ensures your message gets through. All to make staying connected to those important people a little easier for you. With no required contracts or monthly fees.

You choose how to connect | Business solutions made easy

Image - Magpi Launches New Mobile Data Collection and Messaging Application SuiteMagpi Launches New Mobile Data Collection and Messaging Application Suite

Magpi (formerly DataDyne), a leading provider of configurable, cloud-based mobile data collection and communication applications, has released Magpi 2.0, making it easier and more affordable to create form-based mobile apps and outgoing SMS and voice messages.

Magpi is the longest running data collection technology in international development and widely used in the global health and international development sectors.

The company is now turning its focus to enabling the commercial markets to experience the full benefits of mobility: real-time data collection and syncing, dramatic time and cost savings, and improved data quality, all while reducing the environmental impact of paper.

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