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Image - Deltapath Now Offers Quality Dolby Audio for Office CommunicationsDeltapath Now Offers Quality Dolby Audio for Office Communications

Deltapath has introduced a new line of products that transforms and revolutionizes communication, confronts longstanding collaboration issues, and answers the new demands of the ever-changing workplace.

Dolby has partnered with Deltapath to bring you a line of Deltapath products powered by Dolby Voice. These products provide users with nothing short of a virtual audio crew to deliver studio quality audio. Through the integration, audio and video conferences ascend to a whole new level.

Deltapath Mobile is also powered by Dolby Voice, which means you don't have to be in an office using a fixed device to enjoy great communication and collaboration. Your virtual audio crew goes where you go.

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Image - Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case Controls Access to CamerasSpy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case Controls Access to Cameras

The Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Phone Case uses easy-to-operate sliding mechanisms to control access to the front and rear cameras separately. The rear camera shutter leaves room for the flashlight to function while the camera is blocked so you never lose the ability to use the phone's features.

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Image - Connectrac Flex: New Solution for Power and Data InfrastructureConnectrac Flex: New Solution for Power and Data Infrastructure

Discover movable power with Connectrac Flex! There has never been a smarter, more flexible solution for power/data distribution in a commercial interior space...until now.

Connectrac's NEW patented Flex systems provide robust floor-based power distribution throughout any space via an invisible ultra-low-profile assembly that easily installs any time during the life of a space. Flex solves all interior power and connectivity issues: it is simple and quick to install; provides the agility to rapidly change any space and offers all the power and data capacity needed for interior environments.

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