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Image - CopperLine<sup>®</sup> Offers Solution for Extending Ethernet DistancesCopperLine® Offers Solution for Extending Ethernet Distances

CopperLine® from ComNet allows you to use your existing cable infrastructure of COAX or UTP as Ethernet media for your next system renovation. The All New CopperLine® delivers:

  • Two New PoE options
  • Pass through 15 Watts PoE
  • Increased Distance -- expands transmission distances from 300 feet for traditional UTP to 3000 feet for UTP and 5000 feet for COAX
  • Easy installation, just connect and go, now form and fit compatible with all ComNet products

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Image - Boost Your Efficiency with Customer Service BotsBoost Your Efficiency with Customer Service Bots

UC Point is launching new bot development & programming services. With robotics based on artificial intelligence, companies will be able to support their customer support or internal helpdesk and re-structure all communications and business processes.

As an entry point of contact, the web chatbot provides reliable answers to first-level inquiries with little effort and aggregates available knowledge resources. This increases productivity and helps to free-up time for IT support and to reduce costs in the long term.

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Image - SIP / Multicast Talkback SpeakerSIP / Multicast Talkback Speaker

The 40TB-IP Talk-Back Speaker enables two-way conversations via SIP and also allows for standard paging and background music via multicast. The Talk-Back Speaker easily connects with a single CAT5/6 cable from your PoE switch. Its shallow depth allows the speaker to be conveniently mounted in a standard 2" x 4" stud wall or ceiling.

The integrated microphone enables talk-back and also monitors room noise to automatically increase speaker volume when necessary.

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