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Image - Laird's New Gateway Enables Versatile Private IoT Network DeploymentLaird's New Gateway Enables Versatile Private IoT Network Deployment

Global technology leader Laird has released its new Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) Low-Power, Long-Range LoRa gateway, which enables enterprise customers to deploy EIoT networks in practically any geographic location, even where traditional communications infrastructure is unavailable.

The Sentrius™ RG1xx LoRa-Enabled Gateway from Laird is the ultimate in secure, scalable, robust LoRa solutions for end-to-end control of your private LoRaWAN network.

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Image - 3 Trends Defining German Telecommunications Market3 Trends Defining German Telecommunications Market

KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer of data transmission systems. The product portfolio includes flexible and robust multi-service access platforms, as well as stand-alone transmission solutions.

In KEYMILE's view, three trends will dominate in 2017 and affect developments in the German telecommunications market.

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Image - 5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Market An App5 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Market An App

The founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, a leading mobile application development agency in New York City, Jordan Edelson, knows what it takes to not only develop a great app, but also market it in a way that both attracts, and more importantly maintains, interest from consumers.

With more than 800,000 apps in the world, Jordan offers tips that businesses and individuals can use in a cluttered digital world to stand out from the crowd.

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