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Image - All-in-One Private 5G Network Perfect for Small and Medium-Size EnterprisesAll-in-One Private 5G Network Perfect for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

ADLINK Technology and Ataya are offering a series of 5G solutions, including the MicroRAN all-in-one 5G private network.

MicroRAN, the all-in-one 5G private network solution aims to solve many problems faced by small and medium-size enterprises in building a 5G network, including high construction costs, complex network architecture, integration bottlenecks with existing Wi-Fi and wired devices, and network security management. Through the concept of Network as a Service, it integrates the network architecture to achieve a good end-to-end user experience, allowing enterprises to easily deploy and complete configuration of the 5G private network service.

ADLINK also offers a series of products to enhance the 5G solution's coverage, including the 5G MEC server, 5G uCPE, 5G RAN and 5G gateway, all of which play a key role in the digital transformation of enterprises.

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Image - A New Threat Targeting Smart Manufacturing Systems -- and How to Stop ItA New Threat Targeting Smart Manufacturing Systems -- and How to Stop It

The rise of smart manufacturing, or Industry 4.0, has seen a growing number of cyber threats in the industrial sector as an unintended consequence of OT/IT convergence. While merging OT and IT infrastructure achieves better efficiency and value creation, it also exposes traditionally isolated OT systems. Combining an ever-expanding threat landscape with manufacturing organizations' extremely low tolerance for downtime makes this a high-profile target for cyberattacks.

Connecting industrial networks to the Internet is necessary in order to enable remote control and administration of industrial machinery. When these traditionally isolated machines need to be connected to a centralized management system, using the same pattern to generate IP addresses for all machines can result in IP conflicts and may cause network downtime.

To defend against cyber threats, it is crucial for system integrators and industrial operators to futureproof their manufacturing networks with integrated industrial networking solutions and employ a defense-in-depth approach designed for OT engineers.

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Image - New Partnership Improves Microsoft Teams PlatformNew Partnership Improves Microsoft Teams Platform

Cloud Revolution has announced its partnership with Sippio, bringing a new level of telecommunication integration to Microsoft Teams Phone.

"This partnership allows our customers to leverage Sippio's telecom expertise within Microsoft Teams, fostering unified communications and streamlined collaboration," said Chad McGreanor, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud Revolution Operator Connect.

By integrating Sippio's services with Microsoft Teams Phone, customers can reap several benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Make and receive calls using Sippio's services directly within the Microsoft Teams interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications or devices.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Enjoy a unified communications experience with voice, video, chat, and file-sharing capabilities integrated into a single platform, facilitating seamless connections among team members.
  • Simplified Management: Easily oversee telecommunication services through the Microsoft Teams admin portal, including number assignment, call routing, and call analytics.

  • Cost Savings: Consolidate communication tools into one platform, potentially reducing software and hardware costs while streamlining training and support needs.

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