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Image - New Wireless All-in One Headset Intercom System Provides Group Communication for Large AreaNew Wireless All-in One Headset Intercom System Provides Group Communication for Large Area

Clear-Com® has introduced EQUIP, a distributed all-in-one wireless headset intercom system ideally suited to applications that require hands-free, full-duplex group communications across large coverage areas, such as theme parks and medical, marine and industrial applications.

The wireless two-channel headset covers a broad area with roaming ability across four zones and works in the 5 GHz frequency, leveraging reflection and multipath to ensure seamless coverage even in challenging RF environments. Utilizing up to four remote transceivers, each of which can support ten duplex wireless headsets with “group talk” available on both channels (for a total of 40), EQUIP offers a level of scalability not found in competitive wireless headset systems.

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Image - IIoT-Ready Power Supply Solution Enables Real-Time Device MonitoringIIoT-Ready Power Supply Solution Enables Real-Time Device Monitoring

SolaHD, an Emerson brand, has launched a next generation power solution that brings network connectivity to its SDN-D high-performance DC power supply, enabling it to serve as an IIoT-ready device providing condition monitoring, asset tracking, and quick troubleshooting in addition to serving as a power converter.

Connecting the new SolaHD Communication Module (SCM) to an SDN-D power supply lets plant operators continuously monitor its diagnostics over standard Ethernet/IP or HART 7 protocols and transmit this data to supervisory systems. Operators and service technicians can now monitor the health of each power supply remotely. "This upgrade is compatible with any current infrastructure, regardless of age or level of control sophistication. It starts diagnosing performance and monitoring key performance metrics the moment it is installed, so you can keep a check on what is happening in real-time, anywhere, and on any device," said Jay Hendrix, Product Marketing Manager-Connected Power, SolaHD.

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Image - TechLogix Launches New 10G Media Converters, Rack Mounting, and Network SwitchesTechLogix Launches New 10G Media Converters, Rack Mounting, and Network Switches

TechLogix Networx has launched new networking solutions. New products include 10G media converters, media converter rack mounting trays, and network switches.

"TechLogix provides both 1G and 10G configurations, network switches, and media converter rack mounting trays to fit any need and installation," said Cameron Smith, NSI V.P.

TechLogix manufactures a variety of media converters for adapting fiber optic and twisted pair signals. Models include solutions for 1G and 10G bandwidth, PoE+ injection, and LC and SC connections. New 10G solutions include the TL-MC10G-1S1R (empty SFP+ slot), TL-MC10G-1S1R-MM (preloaded with a multimode SFP+ transceiver), and the TL-MC10G-1S1R-SM (preloaded with a single mode SFP+ transceiver).

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