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Image - GL's Advanced Analysis Tool Optimizes Voice Quality TestingGL's Advanced Analysis Tool Optimizes Voice Quality Testing

GL Communications' Voice Analysis Tool (VAT™) can analyze audio content within Narrowband (NB), Wideband (WB), and Super Wideband (SWB) PCM audio files while generating a variety of audio metrics including Frequency Bandwidth, Speech and Noise Levels, Speech Activity, RMS Power, Audio Dropout and Delay measurements.

"The GL VAT™ application can produce various audio metrics, such as Round Trip and One Way Delay measurements, Audio Dropout analysis, Double-Talk measurements, and Voice Quality analysis (when coupled with the GL Voice Quality Testing (VQT) POLQA solution ). Furthermore, the GL VAT™ supports Speech to Text analysis with pass/fail when linked with the GL Speech to Text Analysis solution," said Robert Bichefsky, Director of Engineering at GL Communications Inc.

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Image - World's First Truly Copper-Free Data and Power Link Transforms Traditional Antenna TechnologyWorld's First Truly Copper-Free Data and Power Link Transforms Traditional Antenna Technology

Precise timing synchronization for high-performance networks is now improved as HUBER+SUHNER launches enhancements to the world's first truly copper-free fiber powered link.

The HUBER+SUHNER Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Power-over-Fiber solution brings pre-, during, and post installation benefits to telecommunications providers working in the 5G and data center space. Using fiber optics as a means of power for the antenna brings cost and timing savings during installation and operation, as no power distribution is needed on a building's roof.

"Using the GNSS signal from satellites enables the acquisition of precise and accessible timing information from atomic clocks, while combining this with the distribution over fiber, lower attenuation over longer distances is enabled," says Product manager Dominik Tibolla at HUBER +SUHNER.

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Image - New Open Cloud Automation Software Accelerates Deployment of Edge DevicesNew Open Cloud Automation Software Accelerates Deployment of Edge Devices

The telecom industry has seen widespread adoption of Edge Computing, as businesses gain access to data-center levels of processing power from virtually any location. Recently, Lenovo announced its newest software solutions aimed to help telecom companies in the deployment of their Edge systems, so that the benefits can be experienced as fast as possible.

Lenovo's new Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) 2.6 software enables customers to complete global edge deployments in a matter of minutes. Lenovo's new XClarity edge-to-cloud management software simplifies the orchestration, maintenance, and metering of entire edge platforms under one unified viewpoint. Finally, Lenovo's all-new ThinkEdge SE10 system allows valuable analog and digital data from a company's edge devices to be captured.

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