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Image - IoT Private Network in a BoxIoT Private Network in a Box

Clovity has partnered with EUCAST Global in a strategic move that will result in an "IoT network in a box" -- a fully deployable private network capability coupled with the software that can bring forward smart devices and aggregated data that is truly at the edge of a network.

Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Medina says, "We are already seeing the synergies in providing a turn-key solution that meets the needs of clients wanting to manage their smart devices remotely by placing them onto a network that is both secure and highly scalable. Our IoT software, called CSensorNet, reads data from these devices and can display analytics right from the network using our artificial intelligence and edge component of our IoT application."

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Image - FlexIP Solutions Offers Telecom Assessment -- Finds Complimentary Cost Savings for Businesses of All SizesFlexIP Solutions Offers Telecom Assessment -- Finds Complimentary Cost Savings for Businesses of All Sizes

FlexIP Solutions, a nationwide provider of custom managed communications solutions for businesses, is now offering a free custom telecom assessment and report for businesses of all sizes to help them better navigate digital transformation.

"Businesses are moving through a radical period of change by migrating from on-premises systems to cloud-based communications platforms," said Robert Latronica, Vice President of Business Development at FlexIP Solutions. "The experts at FlexIP Solutions evaluate businesses' telecom environments, free of charge, to make sure what they're paying for is actually what they need. We also recommend ways they could improve their operations and save money with modern, cost-efficient solutions."

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Image - Easy-to-Use Hosted PBX Solution for VoIP Service ProvidersEasy-to-Use Hosted PBX Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta, a leader in white label cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, and DIDWW, a leading provider of premium quality VoIP communications and two-way SIP trunking services, have announced an integrated solution for Hosted PBX.™ is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual PBX solution from DIDWW, integrated with Telinta's softswitch and billing platform. The solution is specifically designed to interconnect with any service provider for VoIP Origination and Termination, and requires no special hardware to purchase and maintain.

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