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Image - See the Latest Bandwith Signal Termination Systems and Fiber Optic ConnectorsSee the Latest Bandwith Signal Termination Systems and Fiber Optic Connectors

Platinum Tools® and TechLogix Network will be exhibiting high bandwidth signal termination systems and fiber optic connectors at InfoComm 2022, held June 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Platinum Tools' ezEX-RJ45™ Termination System provides greater cable to connector compatibility to meet higher performance demands. TechLogix ECOConnector™ field-installable fiber optic connectors provide quick, easy, and reliable termination of fiber optic cable -- no epoxy, crimping, polishing or proprietary tools are required.

NSI-Platinum Tools | NSI-TechLogix

Image - Subscription Cloud Service Protects Your VoIP InfrastructureSubscription Cloud Service Protects Your VoIP Infrastructure

IntuitiveLabs has launched Zero-Trust VoIP Monitoring and SIEM as a Cloud Service.

The IntuitiveLabs tools provide fraud and DoS detection and protect VoIP infrastructures by controlling firewalls and SBCs. "Instead of requiring a VoIP monitoring solution and local expertise, customers of IntuitiveLabs are offered a cloud service that aims at simplifying their VoIP infrastructure and provides them with a thorough and detailed overview of all operational and security related information. All this while maintaining the privacy of the customer's data," said Dr. Dorgham Sisalem, CEO of IntuitiveLabs GmbH.

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Image - Switchboard Makes Working Remotely Seem Like You're Working Together in the Same OfficeSwitchboard Makes Working Remotely Seem Like You're Working Together in the Same Office

Recognizing the need for collaboration tools that better emulated the in-person experience, Switchboard's technology team has developed a platform that moves beyond passive communication and screen-sharing and towards a remote work environment that allows for true side-by-side engagement and full team participation.

Switchboard allows users to both video conference and collaborate on multiple web-based applications in a single virtual room. Instead of toggling between tabs and apps or sharing their screen, users are able to bring all of their materials to a shared space, making working together on the same project as seamlessly as if they were in the office together.

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