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Image - 5G Adoption Faster than Expected -- Why?5G Adoption Faster than Expected -- Why?

InfraMomentum, a new IT analysis and consulting firm, has released its latest research on the adoption of private 5G products and services entitled "Private 5G Adoption Will Accelerate Faster Than Anticipated."

According to the InfraMomentum report, the emergence of 4G/5G private infrastructure products and services in 2022 will provide profound new opportunities for enterprises seeking to improve wireless performance, coverage, security and mobility to gain a competitive advantage over rivals.

"Enterprise interest in private 5G is growing at a pace faster than initially anticipated....IT staff are better at grasping scenarios where a private 5G network would be preferred over wired Ethernet -- or even Wi-Fi," said Andrew Froehlich, Founder and Principal Analyst at InfraMomentum.

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Image - New Rapid Roaming Technology for Wireless Industrial NetworksNew Rapid Roaming Technology for Wireless Industrial Networks

In modern factories, WIFI communication has become a key technology to deliver metrics from sensors, providing freedom from cables and to allow unrestricted 3D movements by a client in motion such as a vehicle or robot.

The trouble is that 802.11ac wireless communication extends only 100 meters, a distance normally not sufficient for reliable service and requiring multiple access points (AP) be installed to cover a large area of operation. A moving vehicle or robot needs to constantly switch over communication to the next strong signal access point.

Antaira's new Rapid Roaming enhanced WIFI client is an ideal solution, as it monitors surroundings and prepares new possible access points (APs) connection opportunities before die-down and drop-off connection processes take place. Supported by the new Antaira ARS-7235-AC-T dual-radio industrial WAP, Rapid Roaming protocols seek a new AP when communication is still healthy, assuring superior throughput and faster transitions with below 150ms switch time.

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Image - Unique Hybrid Cloud Remote Desktop Solution Perfect for Large EnterprisesUnique Hybrid Cloud Remote Desktop Solution Perfect for Large Enterprises

ISL Online, one of the leading providers of secure remote desktop solutions for businesses, has launched a new subscription plan targeted at larger companies and enterprises.

Managed Private Cloud (MPC) is designed for enterprises that want to have control over all of their company's online help desk activities, and work with a fully customised tool that meets the highest security and data privacy requirements. It provides a company with immediate access to a secure single-tenant remote desktop solution without the need for investment in hardware or system administration.

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