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Image - BICSI RCDD -- The Telecommunications Gold Standard CredentialBICSI RCDD -- The Telecommunications Gold Standard Credential

The BICSI RCDD is the gold standard of all BICSI credentials. Those who achieve the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the creation, planning, integration, execution and/or detail-oriented project management of telecommunications and data communications technology.

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Image - DefenderShield's Ultra Armor™: Most Effective 5G and EMF Radiation Shielding Developed to DateDefenderShield's Ultra Armor™: Most Effective 5G and EMF Radiation Shielding Developed to Date

As wireless networks and devices evolve to 5G and beyond, DefenderShield is advancing technology to protect the public from the potentially harmful biological effects these electromagnetic fields can have on the human body. Thousands of studies have linked chronic EMF radiation exposure to genetic damage, infertility, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, and developmental effects. Many scientists believe 5G's higher, more powerful wavelengths may increase the health effects EMF has on the body.

DefenderShield® has launched Ultra Armor™ Shielding Technology, the first EMF shielding ever developed that can effectively block all wireless signals, including the full spectrum of 5G (Fifth Generation) frequencies used by network providers.

While claims to block 5G frequencies are widespread, DefenderShield's Ultra Armor™ is the first and only material in the world to shield up to 99.99% of low, mid, and high-band 5G frequencies reaching up to 90 GHz.

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Image - Reimagined ICT Infrastructure Explored at Recent ConferenceReimagined ICT Infrastructure Explored at Recent Conference

Executive Director of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Tom Smith, and BICSI President Todd W. Taylor, partnered to deliver a forward-looking Keynote address titled, "FUTURE WORLD VISION: Infrastructure Reimagined," at the BICSI Fall Conference held recently in Las Vegas.

Both Smith and Taylor informed attendees of the many exciting innovations leading the ICT world into the foreseeable future, including autonomous vehicles, intelligent buildings, and the many factors that are reshaping the built environment.

Smith and Taylor identified multiple obstacles to anticipate in the coming years, including those listed in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the U.S. infrastructure limitations highlighted in ASCE's report card and failure to act studies. They concluded with many feasible solutions.

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