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Image - New Conversation Assistant Improves Business CommunicationsNew Conversation Assistant Improves Business Communications

A team of three ex-Google Engineers have launched Bellgram, a conversation assistant that tracks conversational data and leverages it for intelligent predictions.

Bellgram helps business people be more productive by enhancing the conversation experience with the customer before, during and after the phone conversation using a combination of Machine Learning and AI services. Bellgram is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, and offers its users a web admin dashboard for data monitoring and analytics of conversation data.

"Your mobile device is by far what receives most exposure to your work day. We believe that it should be more reliable than the best personal assistant, who literally doesn't miss a word of what you say, hear or write in a meeting or call," said Bellgram co-Founder and CEO Will Kanaan.

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Image - Whitepaper Helps Telecom Service Providers Predict and Maintain Quality of Experience (QoE)Whitepaper Helps Telecom Service Providers Predict and Maintain Quality of Experience (QoE)

Predicting and maintaining Quality of Experience (QoE) is a critical factor in Telecom Service Provider success for gaining market share and reducing churn. QoE reflects user satisfaction with service and largely depends on network Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. In a telecom network, QoS can be changed and adjusted based on the number of decisions made in the network. Such decisions vary from investment in network resources (switching and bandwidth) to network optimization.

This whitepaper helps TSPs understand how to devise decision criteria to control network resources that impacts QoS. It also offers advice on how to design an analytics-based QoE assessment platform to predict users quality of experience based on network QoS metrics.

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Image - Enhanced Visual Voice Mail Application for Android DevicesEnhanced Visual Voice Mail Application for Android Devices

CALLUP, a provider of Value Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for the telecom industry, has introduced an enhanced version of its Visual Voice Mail (VVM) application for android devices. CALLUP VVM allows cellular subscribers to browse and manage their voice messages easily in a familiar way, similar to email and SMS.

The new version includes a roaming awareness feature that requires approval before downloading voice messages when roaming. On the server side, the system runs on Google App Engine -- making it highly available and scalable to any size of customer, without the need for any configuring.

With CALLUP VVM, users can scan messages for caller, date, time, priority, etc., access them in any order and manage them in a quick and easy way.

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